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Just 3 easy steps will increase your certainty of losing weight.
1. myMetabolicProfileSM Assessment
Start with myMetabolicProfile. Understand what’s going on inside your body to make change on the outside easier.
2. Personalized plan and individual coaching
With myMetabolicProfile results, you’ll receive a completely custom plan created exclusively for you by our weight loss experts.
3. Resources that bring results
Weekly support meetings, ongoing access to our experts, and all kinds of resources to provide support and help along the way.
They lost weight. You can too.
Life Time Weight Loss is changing lives for real people every day.
These are their testimonials, in their own words.
  • I’ve tried extreme calorie-cutting and just trying to see if that would help me lose anything, but of course that just slows your metabolism and works against you. I would work out really, really hard for a week and I would exhaust myself. I tried it all. I tried diet pills, I tried meal plans, I was eating frozen processed foods that had extreme calorie restrictions, and that did not work. When I met with my trainer at Life Time, we did some
    initial testing and we used that testing to create a Metabolic Profile. Then we were able to use that to come up with the plan of action for what I needed to do to get to my goals. With Life Time and Life Time Weight Loss programs I went from a size 14 down to a size 2/4, and I lost about 40 pounds.
  • I’ve tried crash courses of eating meal plans. I’ve tried different types of extreme workout plans but I’ve never paired anything together at the same time that was going to be sustainable, and sustainability with eating right and working out proved to work for me. I got frustrated with these different types of meal plans or workout schedules because it took too
    much time and I knew that it was not sustainable for me. I don’t think I could have lost a hundred and seventy-eight pounds without the help of Life Time Weight Loss being encouraging and helping me meet my long-term goal.
  • Jennifer: Before I did the Metabolic Profile, I was kind of winging it as far as exercise goes, and now I have a plan. With the Metabolic Profile at Life Time, they give tools about how to maintain. You have goals for the future, not just present goals. It gives you a plan to get there.
    Brad: What the Metabolic Profile did for me was that it gave me a scientific basis on here’s where you’re at, and here’s what you can be. If you establish your Metabolic Profile and follow the plan, results will happen.
  • The Life Time Metabolic Profile was about me. It wasn’t a recipe, it wasn’t a website that everybody can ascribe to or subscribe to. It was specifically charted for me, based on my results, how I breathe, how I metabolize, and at what rate. What type of exercise I need to do in order to burn fat as opposed to burn sugar. There’s no one who could take my
    profile and have the same results. With the help of Life Time Weight Loss, and understanding my Metabolic Profile, I not only dropped 190 pounds. I also gained health that I never anticipated. My initial goal was focused on weight loss. My real benefit is health.
  • Life Time and the Metabolic Profile changed my life. Without Life Time Fitness, without the Metabolic Profile, without that plan to move forward, and the help that I got from Life Time and the health advisors there, I never would have been able to do this. This is Keely’s plan, this is what Keely needs to do to lose the weight and then, it worked. I can chase my
    kids everywhere. I can go to any restaurant on this Earth, and I can make good choices, and I don’t feel guilty. I don’t feel deprived. I feel like everything is good! It’s just amazing!
  • Life Time and Metabolic Profile worked for me, while no other program did and I was ready to give up. I was really ready to give up and have a very drastic surgery that could have taken my life, and still may not have worked for me. If the science is telling you this is how your body works, and it’s the way you’re going to lose weight, you follow it. I could see the
    finish line, and I couldn’t before. Try the Metabolic Profile. It worked for me and it will work for you because it is individualized, and it’s tailored to you. Everybody’s body is different.
  • The Metabolic Profile and Life Time Weight Loss helped me finally succeed, and I can’t tell you strongly enough, I want to reiterate, you can do it. You are worth it. Take the Metabolic Profile. You need to do it. You
    have to believe in yourself. The Life Time Weight Loss and the Metabolic Profile, helped me have the data to succeed and achieve my dreams.
  • Once I understood my Metabolic Profile — that was the key to me losing eighty-six pounds. I understood what I needed to do, step-by-step, to hold myself accountable and the Metabolic Profile helped me do that. For people who want to lose weight, this isn’t a gimmick. This is not a fad
    diet. This is a life change. This is something that helps you understand where you are and where you need to be and this is what you need to do to get there. It’s clear.
**Results not typical and will vary based on diet, exercise, genetic makeup and overall health. Individuals engaged in a variety of prior and existing Life Time programs and services, including cardio and weight training, and ate a sensible diet to achieve results over time. Weight loss may be gradual and temporary. Certain individuals were provided nominal consideration for their appearance.
How it works.
The Life Time Weight Loss approach works because it’s all about you.
1. myMetabolicProfileSM Assessment
Your weight loss journey starts with getting Life Time’s proprietary myMetabolicProfile. Getting your own individual metabolic profile will:
  • Identify your individual heart rate zone so you will know where your workouts are most effective for burning fat.
  • Provide you with a baseline score of your overall health,  based on a painless, finger-stick blood sample, and lifestyle and fitness level assessments.

Your results of this assessment are the first step in understanding what’s going on inside your body, in order to make change on the outside easier.

2. Personalized plan and individual coaching
Taking your metabolic profile results, you’ll work with one of our weight loss experts to create a completely customized plan, exclusive to you.

Your plan is based on your unique metabolic profile results and will include guidance specific for exercise, nutrition and other lifestyle factors. Plus, myHealthAdvisorsSM, are available (online and via phone) to you anytime for any coaching, questions or motivation you need or want.

The end result of having your custom plan and individual coaching: you will know what to do every day, without question.

3. Resources that bring results
Weekly support meetings, ongoing access to our experts, and all kinds of resources will give you support and help along the way.
  • Unlimited access to health advisors (Registered Dietitians and/or Certified Personal Trainers)
  • Weekly support and weigh-in meetings led by experienced, credentialed weight loss experts
  • Exceptional online content
  • Guide books, journals and a free trial of Experience Life magazine
  • Tools and trackers designed specifically for Life Time Weight Loss
What you get.
The tools you need to lose weight with more certainty—
all for just $35/month*.
Comprehensive Assessment
  • myMetabolicProfile
Personalized Plan and Continuous
  • Customized nutrition, exercise and lifestyle plans
  • Unlimited access to health advisors
Exclusive Resources
  • Weekly support group meetings
  • myPlan
  • Books and journals
  • Free trial of Experience Life magazine
  • Exceptional online content
Get answers to all of your Life Time Weight Loss questions.

1. What happens at the Life Time Weight Loss On-Boarding Meeting?

Answer: The Life Time Weight Loss On-Boarding Meeting happens multiple times a week for new Life Time Weight Loss members. This is where you have the opportunity to ask questions about your program and membership, get your Life Time Weight Loss startup kit, schedule your Metabolic Profile Assessment, and receive your membership card.

2. Why do I need to set up a myLT account?

Answer: After you signed up for your Life Time Weight Loss membership, you were prompted to set up your online account on This is an important part of your program, as this website hosts all sorts of information about Life Time Weight Loss as well as hosts your tools and trackers to help with your progress. You will also need your myLT login for your Metabolic Profile Assessment.

3. What is the Metabolic Profile Assessment?

Answer: During the Metabolic Profile Assessment, you meet with a metabolic technician who will assess and help personalize your weight loss plan as it pertains to nutrition, exercise and lifestyle modifications. The assessment portion lasts approximately 1 hour and is then followed by a consultation to review your results and build your program. This also will last approximately 1 hour.

The Metabolic Profile Assessment uses the following to establish baselines of your initial health and fitness:

  • Finger-stick blood test to determine cholesterol, triglyceride and blood glucose levels
  • Blood Pressure
  • Waist to Hip Circumference
  • Height & Weight
  • Body Composition (Body Fat Percentage)
  • Flexibility
  • Strength

4. How should I prepare for the Metabolic Profile Assessment?

Answer: Your Metabolic Profile Assessment will be close to a 2-hour appointment, so plan your time accordingly and wear comfortable, light clothing. You are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes early and adhere to the protocol below to ensure accurate results:

  • Please do not perform vigorous exercise within 48 hours of your scheduled assessment date;
  • Please refrain from alcohol the evening before your scheduled assessment;
  • Please get a good night’s rest the night before your scheduled assessment (7 hours or more);
  • Please do not eat or drink within 9 hours of your scheduled assessment (this includes water intake; water will show up as fat on the body intake machine);
  • Please do not smoke or use tobacco the day of your assessment;
  • Please do not take any nutritional supplements or medications that you are not currently taking on a daily basis and plan on continuing for several months;
  • Please do not perform the assessment if you are sick or are currently on any specific medication due to your illness;
  • Please wear the appropriate exercise clothes and shoes;
  • Women – Please do NOT wear an underwire bra as it will affect the signal of the heart rate monitor you will wear during your assessment;
  • Please bring your heart rate monitor and your metabolic testing kit if you already own one.

5. What are Health Advisors and how do I connect with them?

Answer: Health Advisors are health and fitness professionals who are Registered Dietitians and/or Certified Personal Trainers. Once you complete your Metabolic Profile Assessment and start attending your Life Time Weight Loss meetings, Health Advisors are available to provide you telephonic coaching as it relates your weight loss plan. You’ll be provided a phone number to get in contact with a Health Advisor if you have questions on your plan and will be encouraged to set up ongoing coaching appointments if needed.

6. What is myPlan?

Answer: The myPlan tool is within the website and is your official tracker for logging your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle information. It also has resources within, including recipes, workouts and meal plans. You’ll be able to see your weigh-ins and other progress, helping to take you toward your weight loss goals. Your Weight Loss Coach and Health Advisor will also be able to see your progress and help coach you on your logged behaviors. Your weight loss action plan also lives in your myPlan account.

7. How often can I go to the Life Time Weight Loss meetings?

Answer: Life Time Weight Loss meetings happen weekly, and your Life Time Weight Loss membership allows you access to them four times a month (once per week).

Meetings are approximately 30 minutes in length and led by one of our Weight Loss Coaches who are Registered Dietitians and/or Certified Personal Trainers who will weigh you in, give you new tips, and talk through successes and challenges with your goals.

8. Will I be able to see and track my own weights?

Answer: Your weights will be recorded and entered into your myPlan profile once you’ve completed a weigh-in during your Life Time Weight Loss meeting.

9. Where can I go for more education and resources?

Answer: hosts hundreds of articles, videos and success stories for ongoing education and motivation to empower your
weight loss journey.

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